The Challenge

For philanthropy, one of the biggest challenges of our time will be to make investments that really catalyze change, growth, and innovation, particularly in communities of color. To make effective investments in our communities, we need leaders from those communities.
But in the U.S. social sector, systemic racism often does not encourage or allow people of color to move into positions of power and influence. The outcome is serious underrepresentation in leadership:
1. In 2016 Latinos made up 18% of the population
2. But only 2 percent of CEOs at grantmaking institutions are Latino
3. And just 7-8% of trustees at grantmaking institutions are Latino

HIP’s Response

More than ever, it is critical for Latinos to move into positions of power and influence to change our systems to support the Latino community to live to its fullest potential. HIP’s Líderes Fellowship empowers a new generation of Latinos to do just that. 

Through the program, a diverse group of mid-career professionals from the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors — including indigenous, Afro, women, and LGBTQI Latinos — gain the knowledge, skills, and networks to thrive. HIP recruits Líderes who have the courage to work in the complexity of the intersections in which we all live, including race, class, education, gender identity, ability, etc. The interactive program includes:


* An in-person orientation focused on building collective power through new professional relationships

* Learning sessions that build an understanding of systemic racism and support individual and collective agency in changing oppressive systems

* Creation of collaborative environments between potential funders and change-makers

* Initiation into a national Latino leadership network


Through the program, Líderes increase their awareness of their role in transforming the public sector and the next steps they can put into action right away. The program helps Líderes:


Increase their agency to take action toward achieving personal goals and promoting equity within the sector


Learn how to apply a micro-to-macro analysis of how to navigate and promote change within various systems


Gain a network of deep, meaningful peer relationships nationally that foster alliance building and professional growth


Develop their ability to take care of their physical, mental, and spiritual health


Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) is on a mission to strengthen Latinx leadership, influence and equity by leveraging philanthropic resources, and doing so with an unwavering focus on social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas. As the leader of a transnational network of foundations, donors, and nonprofits, we are making impactful investments in the Latinx community and developing our leaders so they can effectively address the most pressing issues impacting communities in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.