Power of the Network


Following the HIP Líderes Fellowship every líder is inaugurated into the Líderes Alumni Network (LAN) where they join over 180+ alumni from previous cohorts from all across the country.

Our Mission

To increase the number of Latina/o/x leaders in positions of power and influence across philanthropic, nonprofit, and other sectors who apply a racial equity and racial justice lens to their work with the intent of achieving social justice and prosperity across the Americas.

Driving the efforts and opportunities of the LAN there is a Steering Committee, and this committee is currently composed of 5 self-nominated individuals who were voted into the role by LAN members.

2021 Steering Committee

The Steering Committee can be considered as the core of the LAN,  responsible for creating opportunities to strengthen relationships between cohorts, managing financial support for continued professional development beyond the fellowship and advocating on behalf of LAN.  In addition, the Steering Committee is mainly charged with working with  HIP to ensure the network has the autonomy to inform all processes. 

Our Goals: 

  1. Build community and deepen relationships across cohorts, philanthropic institutions, issue areas, geography, and sectors. 

  2. Leverage collective knowledge and power for impact and social justice.

  3. Explore how to deconstruct, remigine, and recreate philanthropy in the Americas that is just and community-centered. 

Through these efforts, the previous Steering Committee also created the role of liaison which is currently occupied by previous Steering Committee member Glenda Monterroza. Her role is to keep and maintain a relationship between the HIP board and Líderes and their interests.

If you have any questions or ideas related to LAN you can reach out to steering committee members via mighty networks. 

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