Cohort 8 Application

Where can you find the application?

  1. Application can be found on the HIP Líderes Website
  2. The link to the Cohort 8 Application will take you to a Jotform
  3. Application timeline:
  1. Application Launches November 28th, 2022
  2. Fellowship Informational Webinars are December 5th, 2022 & December 19th, 2022, you only have to attend one
  3. Due date January 20th, 2023

The application has a total of 5 sections

Sections 1 & 2 are questions to gather basic information (e.g., name, contact information, organization(s) you serve, identity, etc.)

  1. You can also, but are not required to, provide the links to your social media handles or Linkedin, if you believe it will give us a better sense of who you are.

Section 3 has a series of short response questions which you can type in or record an audio response.

  1. The purpose of these questions is not for you to respond with what you think we want to hear. Instead, we encourage you to respond with what you expect from the program and why that is what you want. In addition, take this opportunity to really explain yourself and the work you do.
  2. At the bottom of section 3 you will find a small section discussing tuition, we ask you to answer as best as you can even if your answer may change in the future.

Section 4 is an important section, we are asking you to offer a critical review on one of four articles, webinar, or audio, then answer two reflective questions. You can either type or record your responses

  1. Again, this section is not designed for you to respond with what you think we want to read. The point is for us to see how you see and understand and hear your opinion around certain ideas.
  2. You will also be given the chance to tell us what are the characteristics of an ideal líder, therefore, the skills you hope to acquire from this program.

Section 5 is just for you to share your final thoughts with us and to share anything you did not get to express in earlier sections.

  1. Take advantage of this section and really paint us a picture of who you are as a person, candidate, and líder!
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